Dropshipping For Ecommerce

If you are getting started with e-commerce and want to do dropshipping the smart way. We highly encourage new dropshippers to start out with Amazon as their delivery service is quick and reliable.

In the testing phrase, we always want to find out winning products and the best way to do so without spoiling your site reputation due to long shipping times and bad customer service, using amazon’s product is the best way forward.

>> Click here to see Amazon’s Product Lines

At the start, setup your eCommerce site with Amazon product lines. You will sell it on the front end with you branding and collect the order. Once the order comes in, you will use your affiliate link from amazon associates to purchase the product. This is a low cost way to do product research and build up a customer base.

Yes, it will eat into your profitability in the beginning. However, once you have build up some orders & have a customer base, you can go to phrase 2 – working with the factory and using FBA to fullfill your orders.

So before we go to phrase 2, test and get your winning products up first with Amazon.

We highly recommend you get amazon prime to enjoy fast shipping at a low cost. Currently they have a 30 day free trial and you can enjoy this benefit for your new dropshipping business.

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